7 thoughts on “madonna-naked-pictures-40”

  1. Why should a grown up woman enjoy exhibiting her body to the whole world?

  2. I thinks it greats that she didn’t feel obligated to shave; if only more women felt that way. It’s sad that I actually noticed that though, because it shouldn’t be any kind of an issue. <3 Madonna

  3. Is she not beautiful? I thing this pic wad taken during her magic days. I am sure she had her period…

  4. I remember being 12 maybe 13 years old and finding the Playboy issue with this picture in it in my older brothers bedroom. Instead of being grossed out like most boys would be seeing armpit and pubic hair on a woman, for some reason it gave me a massive erection and still does. Thanks Maddie for staying natural and sparking a lifelong appreciation and desire for females who choose to stay natural and look like women instead of girls.

  5. I wish women these days hairy, damn I live i nthe wrong decade, I love hair in women
    I am a man and i love it, even women with hair in their ass cheeks yum yum

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