Emma Watsons many dresses

Th many styles of actress Emma Watson. She can pull off many looks and look great in them all.

Emma Watson from Harry Potter is a new young star

Full name: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
Born : 1990-04-15 in Paris

Emma Watson was born in Paris, France to Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson, English lawyers who lived in France at the time (Watson’s grandmother is French). Watson has a younger brother named Alex. Emma Watson lived in Paris until the age of five, then moved with her mother and brother to Oxford, England.

Emma Watson attended The Dragon School, a private preparatory school, until June 2003, when she moved to Headington School, a private all-girls school in Oxford. In June 2006, Watson took GCSE examinations in 10 subjects, achieving eight A+ and two A grades. Emma Watson is studying for her Advanced Subsidiary (AS) levels in English Literature, Geography and Art History.

Emma Watson is an avid sports player and her musical interests (as of Spring 2005) include singing, hip hop, blues, and classic rock, including Eminem, Eric Clapton, U2, Nelly Furtado, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, and Norah Jones. She claims to be a big fan of the Shrek films, toast, and the girl group Destiny’s Child.

Emma Watson has said that her celebrity status is partly responsible for her not having a boyfriend, stating: “Guys are either intimidated by me, or they have defences up, or they like to take the piss out of me.” Watson was ranked number 98 in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007 list.

“Harry Potter” star Emma Watson, 17, confessed in an interview that she admired her colleague Daniel Radcliffe for playing in “Equus”, and especially for the courage of playing in a nude scene.

Emma Watson, who has played the character of Hermione Granger since the age of 11, confessed she would love to do the same thing as Radcliffe, as in playing a more challenging role. “I’d like to think I would (do that). Not that I want to get naked, but I hope that something like that will come along. That’s the plan anyway,”she said.